European Process (EP)

European Process decaf is a solvent-based process in which the caffeine is extracted from the green beans at high pressure near the solvent's boiling point. At the conclusion of the process, the caffeine has been safely removed without affecting the beans or their flavor capacity. Most of Berres Brothers flavored 12oz. coffees use the European Process. Some of our 12oz. World Roast coffees also use the EP process and are marked as such in the drop-down menu of those coffees. See the list below for our EP processed decaf coffees:

Breakfast Blend 


Highlander Grogg
French Vanilla Grogg
Chocolate Caramel
Chocolate Raspberry
English Toffee
French Caramel Cream
Hazelnut Cream
Irish Cream
Sea Salt Caramel
Southern Peacan Cream
Streusel Cake