Our Mission

To produce astonishingly smooth, consistent coffees that add a little flavor to your day.

Our Coffee Roasting Process

How We Flavor Your Day

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Sourcing Quality Coffee Beans

We source our coffees from a carbon-neutral, private importer committed to environmental progress, ethical treatment of farmers, fair pricing, and quality coffee beans. This not only means we’re supporting social responsibility, but it also helps us to offer specialty, quality coffees from around the globe.

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Air Roasting

To ensure consistency, we use a special air roasting process in which the coffee beans don’t come into prolonged contact with hot, metal surfaces, which helps avoid charring and bitter flavors.

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The Right Flavors at the Right Time

We start with the same bean for all of our flavored varieties to prevent bitterness and overpowering tastes. From there, we air roast the beans and apply an even, liquid coating immediately after roasting, sealing in the flavor and ensuring consistency without the artificial aftertaste.

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Small Batch Coffee Roasting

All of our coffees start with a 150-pound batch of beans, which, after roasting, produces 125-pound batches (other coffee roasters can have batches up to thousands of pounds!), keeping our beans fresh and flavorful.

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Quality Control (a.k.a., Taste Testing)

Of course, we have to indulge in a few cups now and then to make sure it’s just right. An added perk of what we do!

“There was an old saying in the coffee industry that your coffee doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be consistent. We believe that coffee has to be good and consistent, because we know there’s nothing quite like sitting down and enjoying a good cup of coffee. It’s an experience, and at Berres Brothers, what motivates us most is when our customers tell us about their great experiences.”

– Peter Berres, Owner and Founder
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Berres Brothers History

Providing Great Coffee Since 1970

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The Berres family tradition of providing great coffee started back in 1970, when Marvin Berres founded an office coffee service called Coffee Host, Inc. Marvin built the coffee service by visiting offices and restaurants in a 60 mile radius of Watertown, WI.

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In 1978, he expanded the company to include soda and snack vending.

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After Marvin’s unexpected passing in 1990, his sons Jeff and Pete Berres initiated a plan to become a coffee roaster and introduce their coffee to current customers.

Flavoring Your Day Since 1992

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In March of 1992, the brothers opened the Berres Brothers Coffee Factory Outlet in a small building in downtown Watertown.

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In 2000, Pete purchased the business and expanded the company into supplying grocery and convenience stores.

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In 2005, Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters moved into their new production facility located at 202 Air Park Drive, Watertown, Wisconsin.

Midwestern Roots

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Our company was originally founded to help add spark to Wisconsin workers’ days and respond to the Midwestern coffee preference of a well-bodied, medium roast coffee. Now, with a brick and mortar located in Watertown, Wisconsin, we’re situated within an hour and a half of many of the state’s major cities, including Milwaukee, Madison, and the Fox Cities. We’re proud to be a Wisconsin coffee brand with small-town heritage and Midwestern roots.

Berres Brothers Reviews

What People are Saying About Our Coffee

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About Dark Sumatra Stout …

I love this coffee. It has a smoky, round feel but not heavy. It’s just very, very good and I’m so glad I found it.

–Jenell Larson
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About Origins Yirgacheffe …

Full-bodied without being overpowering. Just the aroma will make you feel like it's going to be a great day!

– Barbara Kennedy
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About Highlander Grogg …

Berres brothers and Highlander Grogg is local legend if you’re from anywhere around Watertown, WI … This coffee is perfect black. The way Highlander Grogg tastes black is how most coffees taste doctored up. You have to try this coffee if you consider yourself a “coffee person.”

– David C.
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About Streusel Cake …

A fellow RN brewed this and I drank it without knowing it was not our regular stuff. I am not a flavored coffee person, I told her I loved it and wanted to know the name of it. When she told me Streusel Cake I couldn't believe I loved it!!

– Jane Medicine Crow
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About Turtle Sundae …

This is delightfully flavorful and very smooth. It doesn't have the "artificial" taste that some flavored coffees have and maintains the quality and integrity of the beans. Well done!

– Roderick W.
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