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A USA Today Network Reporter Called Us the Willy Wonka of Coffees

In a recent coffee article published by Daniel Higgins, food & drink reporter for the USA Today Network, our founder and company were quoted as being “Less like Starbucks, more like Willy Wonka.”

Quality Flavored Coffee Comes from Quality Beans and a Quality Roasting Process

The article starts by comparing our air roasting process to a heated bouncy house that creates “brown, roasty nuggets that transform hot water into a magical elixir of dark, smooth wake-up juice.” We use this air roasting process because it prevents charring and burnt, bitter flavors.

Author, Daniel Higgins, goes on to boast our beans for having “smooth, minimal acidic qualities and medium body.” We’re glad he noticed, because we feel these irresistibly smooth coffee beans are the perfect complement to our more than 40 coffee flavors and about 50 coffee varieties, flavored and nonflavored. And that wide array of fun and inspiring flavors is probably part of the reason Higgins compared us to Willy Wonka.

Our Founder's Military Service

The story goes into detail about our entire company history, including part of our founder, Pete Berres’ history serving the United States Military for 22 years, including 2008-09 in Iraq. This military service inspired our Vet Java, medium roast coffee blend (15% of proceeds from Vet Java sales goes to Legion Wisconsin programs and scholarships). Plus, we offer discounts to all Military and First Responder service members.

Fun Coffee Flavors

Lastly, the article sprinkles in plenty of entertaining details covering everything from our fun packaging designs to our bold and unique flavors like Highlander Grogg or the entire Grogg Family of coffees.


USA Today article comparing Berres Brothers to Willy Wonka of Coffee


Read the full news story on the Green Bay Press Gazette here.






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