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Spilling the Beans - Introducing Our New Line of 4oz. Bags

One of the most rewarding things in any job is seeing something you’ve worked hard on finally reach its finished stage. That moment when you can take a step back and appreciate all the relentless effort and determination reflected in this new product or project is an incredible feeling. One of the biggest rewards of working behind the scenes here at the Flavor Factory is getting to be a part of product development.

For over a year, Pete and our team have been working hard to roll out our new 4oz. bags that will include 12 all-new limited edition flavors, as well as everyday favorites, too. Our goal is to offer new, exciting flavors, as well as some staple fan-favorites, every six weeks or so, beginning soon. And next year? Who knows how many flavors we’ll unleash!

I will say that all of these soon-to-be released flavors have been taste-tested by the “Official Flavor Factory Taste-Testers”, AKA all of us here at Berres Brothers. I mean, since we work with coffee all day, every day, we know what tastes good and what doesn’t.

After the months of taste testing wrapped up, Kate, our incredibly talented graphic designer, with her fantastic creative vision and top-notch imagery concepts, began designing some of the most fun, exciting bags that perfectly capture these new flavors. And now that brings us to the present day, where we’re getting ready to package and launch them in our online store, as well as our retail location in Watertown, WI.

You may have noticed during the holidays we did somewhat of a test run with several flavors in a holiday bundle pack. Packer Perc, Mocha Mint Grogg, Peppermint Stick, WI White Mocha, and of course, Highlander Grogg all got cozy together in a gift bundle that was very enthusiastically received among our fans. That is why we’ve decided to introduce some specially curated bundles that highlight our brand-new limited edition flavors (ones that can only be found in our 4oz. line), along with some everyday favorites, too.

Watch our social media pages and make sure to sign up for our email if you haven’t already, so you don’t miss when our first round of 4oz. flavors go live! Any guesses as to some of these new limited edition flavors offered exclusively in 4oz bags? Let me know your guesses by filling out the form below. Who knows, it may give us inspiration for next year’s batch! 

And now it’s time for a little Q+A…


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