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5 Ways to Dress Up Your Coffee for the Holidays

The holidays are always filled with spectacular memories from gift giving and caroling to sledding and cookie baking. But there’s a special moment that often goes unnoticed: Waking up in your warm, cozy home with a savory cup of flavored coffee steaming in your hands.

With the holidays around the corner, we want you to experience our flavored coffees in a whole new light—with some added sparkle and joy! Here are five ways to dress up your flavored coffee for the holidays, including some of our favorite pairings to enjoy with family and friends. 

Tip #1: Make a coffee snowman (no mittens needed)

Transform your coffee experience by adding a little holiday treat! All you need are large marshmallows, stick pretzels, and decorating gels for the eyes and nose to create a snowman coffee topper.  

Once you’ve made your snowman, pour frothy milk in your coffee—about a quarter inch from the rim—and then place the snowman on top to float as you sip! You’ll be sure to get some smiles when you serve this for the holidays!

coffee snowman
Photo Cred: TipBuzz

Best coffee to pair with your snowman

Our Mocha Mint Grogg flavored coffee is the perfect mix of cocoa and mint flavors. Don’t worry—it’s not overpowering at all and has just the right amount of sweetness. We consider this flavored coffee a smooth, refreshing blend.

Add extra holiday flair: Garnish with chocolate chips.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Mocha Mint Grogg

Chocolate mint lovers gather round! This cup of coffee has left every member of my family speechless (in the best way). Phenomenal, smooth, mint flavor with a complimentary hint of mocha. – Shyane

Tip #2: Turn your coffee into a perfect after-dinner cocktail

It’s time to indulge in a warm holiday after-dinner drink. Add some brown sugar and shot of your favorite whiskey to the top of your coffee, then pour cold heavy cream over the back of a spoon (helping the cream stay on top of the drink). 

Best coffee to pair with your cocktail

Our Irish Cream flavored coffee is a great way to enjoy an after-dinner treat or a morning delight. As stated on the bag, it’s indulgently creamy! Unlike a traditional dessert, our Irish Cream coffee is calorie free, perfect for people who don't want to overindulge (especially with other holiday goodies!)

Add extra holiday flair: Garnish with whipped cream.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Irish Cream

I am SO happy I tried this coffee, it's absolutely delicious and may be my new favorite! Great taste, creamy and smooth, just like the description says. I will be buying more that's for sure. – Peg

Tip #3: Warm the soul with peppermint

Create a homemade holiday coffee drink with a few simple ingredients, including a cup of coffee, a dash—or a generous pour—of peppermint syrup, and a splash of vodka (if you’re on the nice list). This warm delight is the perfect drink to share with family and friends!

Best coffee to pair with peppermint

Described as immensely satisfying, our White Russian flavored coffee is a velvety mix of coffee liqueur and cream. This fan-favorite is a smooth and rich blend with bold flavors, like a scrumptious dessert for all to enjoy! 

Add extra holiday flair: Stir with a candy cane stick or garnish with crushed candy cane pieces.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers White Russian

I love this flavor!! Add a touch of heavy cream and it is the best! – Brent

Tip #4: Add sugared or chocolate-covered fruit

You read that right—fruit is a delicious accompaniment to a flavored coffee beverage. With a touch of holiday glam, you can incorporate sugared or chocolate-covered fruit to make your taste buds ring!

For sugared fruit such as raspberries and cranberries, lightly beat some egg whites and brush the fruit with the egg whites. Then, roll the fruit in sugar and place on a drying rack. Once it’s dried, it’s ready to be served.

For chocolate-covered fruit such as strawberries, melt milk chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and stir every 30 seconds until the chocolate is melted. Then, dip the fruit in the melted chocolate and chill until the chocolate sets.

Best coffee to pair with a fruit garnish

Our Bog Grogg flavored coffee encompasses the cranberry flavor we all love and enjoy, especially around the holidays! With a hint of tartness and sweetness, Bog Grogg shines with its swirl of cream-flavored greatness.

Add extra holiday flair: Garnish with sugared cranberries and cinnamon.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Bog Grogg

I was not sure what to expect from a cranberry-flavored coffee, but I LOVE it! It's really different: creamy and cranberry-ie (that's a new word just to describe this coffee). If you like cranberries, try it, you'll love it! Another tasty Berres Brothers Coffee for the win! - Abbey

Tip #5: Make any coffee into an eggnog latte

What’s an infamous drink that’s known to be savored over the holidays? Eggnog! Turn your coffee into an eggnog latte in just a couple steps.

Brew a cup of strong coffee or a shot of espresso and warm up some eggnog (or dairy free eggnog)! Then, whisk the eggnog until it’s frothy and pour it into your coffee.

how to make coffee eggnog lattes

Best coffee to pair with eggnog

Our Highlander Grogg is one of our most popular flavored coffees with a bold taste and remarkable sweetness. Experience the perfect blend of caramel, hazelnut, and butterscotch—all while paired with eggnog! Once you open the bag and smell the delightful aroma, you’ll be hooked to this savory classic.

Add extra holiday flair: Garnish with a bit of whipped cream and cinnamon or brown sugar sprinkled on top.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Highlander Grogg

I’m a flavored coffee snob, thanks largely to Berres Brothers! I’ve been sipping this blend now for over 15 years and I’ve never had a disappointing cup. If you love all things caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut, this is the blend for you. – Abigail

Flavor Your Day (and Holidays!)

We hope that these fun-filled tips inspire you to spice up your favorite flavored coffee. And we would totally understand if you used these tips all year round!

 Looking to explore classic varieties? At Berres Brothers, we have an option for everyone to enjoy. Browse all of our collections, check out the Grogg Family offerings, or view our non-flavored coffees to start your vacation from the ordinary.


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