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Berres Brothers Fall Limited Edition Coffee Flavors

Sea Salt Toffee Crunch Coffee, Pumpkin Caramel Coffee, Doe Eyes Coffee and Rack Attack Coffee

Sea Salt Toffee Crunch Coffee

A fan favorite for the last three years, Sea Salt Toffee Crunch coffee highlights the toffee flavor with a light nutty taste featuring hazelnut notes. Its delectably sweet flavor is perfect for both an early morning pick-me-up and a scrumptious after-dinner treat. Imagine a caramel drizzle with a pinch of salt!

Pumpkin Caramel Coffee

The most sought-after flavor of our seasonals, Pumpkin Caramel coffee has a slight pumpkin flavor with a delightful caramel blend. These two winning flavors bring out the best in each other without overwhelming your sweet tooth. The smooth pumpkin and creamy caramel combination has everyone begging for more.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Pumpkin Caramel Coffee

This flavor is so smooth, as all your coffee is, but has the perfect blend of pumpkin and caramel. This should be sold all year! – Kimberly Parsons

Doe Eyes Coffee

A combination of two bold flavors: Southern Pecan Cream and Highlander Grogg. With a taste of butterscotch and a hint of nuts, our Doe Eyes coffee offers a balanced, smooth flavor for all to enjoy.

Berres Brothers Owner and Founder Pete Berres enjoyed a cup of Doe Eyes in his tree stand when suddenly a heard of does appeared before his very eyes! (Yes, this is a true story.)

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Doe Eyes Coffee

A heavenly blend of two smooth flavor coffees that need to become a regularly offered flavor. - Jessica Marcillo

Rack Attack Coffee: Unflavored

It’s our rich and bold version of the infamous Black and Tan. Rack Attack, a combination of our De-foginator and House Blend, features a smooth mix of perfectly roasted beans from Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Brazil. The natural notes of caramel and chocolate blend together to create a delicious, warm delight for any time of day.

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee: Always A Favorite

chocolate raspberry coffee

Do you remember enjoying Raspberry Tootsie Pops as a kid? Then you will love the adult version of these magical flavors! Our Chocolate Raspberry coffee embraces the raspberry tartness while the chocolate hangs on until the end. With delectable chocolate notes, it tones down the fruitiness to become a more mellow, fruity flavor. This blend is not too sweet and offers the right amount of smoothness.

Customer Review of Berres Brothers Chocolate Raspberry Coffee

The berry best! Chocolate Raspberry is my all-time favorite. The taste is as good as the smell, it is just such a smooth taste. - Beverly Hoveland

Flavor Your Day

Looking to explore classic varieties? At Berres Brothers, we have an option for everyone to enjoy. Browse all of our collections, check out the Grogg Family offerings, or view our non-flavored coffees to start your vacation from the ordinary.

Not sure where to start? Take our fun 15-question quiz to discover which flavors are right for you! Bonus: you’ll receive a special coupon at the end of the quiz to use on your next purchase.


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