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Decaf set to make waves this year.

New opportunities seem to pop up around here all the time with Pete in charge. Thought wheels are always turning in that head of his, and that makes him quite the visionary here! Just the other day I was in a meeting with Pete, along with Mary, our production manager; Kendall, our project manager; and Shandra, our VP; looking over the report of all the coffee we sold in 2022. We got to the data table that held numbers for the decaf varieties we produce. Pete tapped the glossy print that read All Decafs sold for 2022 with his index finger and said, “We need more flavored decafs, that’s the future!” We all nodded our heads in agreement, each of us having examined the sales data, and also having heard and read some of the feedback we’ve been receiving from our loyal fans. So we decided then and there that whether decaf is a choice made out of preference or necessity, it shouldn’t mean the offerings have to be ordinary. After all, at Berres Brothers we’re all about being extraordinary! So we’re stepping up our game. 

We agreed to start expanding our flavored decaf coffee offerings, and I’m excited to share with you that we’re doing that in two really fun ways. First, we’ll be rolling out two, yes two, of our staple everyday flavors at the beginning of most months this year. I say most because that’s where the second way we’re offering flavored decafs comes in.

Fans of Berres Brothers have always eagerly awaited the quarterly rollout of some of our best-loved limited edition seasonal flavors, like Pumpkin Caramel in fall, Peppermint Stick in winter and Butter Pecan Ice Cream in summer. So, at the beginning of the months that our regular flavored seasonals launch, we’ll also be making limited runs of decaf flavored seasonals, too!

If you’re like me and try really hard to be patient but curiosity always gets the best of you and you just can’t wait to see what the flavors will be, we’ve made available our Limited Edition Flavored Decaf schedule, click here.

If you are one of our fans who prefer decaf coffee, and you’ve been hoping for some more flavored decaf options from us, I’m happy to say we’ll have them. If you’re a local fan, you can also stop by our retail store and ask about them, too. But keep in mind, we’ll have these decaf flavors available while supplies last. So if there’s a flavor you really want- buy early because around here the early bird doesn’t get the worm, it gets a nice, hot cup of Berres Brothers coffee, caffeine now optional.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram page and in our emails for the latest news on our decaf offerings. Curious as to how decaffeinated coffee actually becomes decaffeinated? Check out our page explaining the two processes for our decaffeinated beans, click here. And always feel free to share your thoughts and requests with us- we ARE listening! While we can’t grant every request and wish, we still want to make our coffee fun and enjoyable for as many fans as possible!


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