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Blog:  Pop Quiz Hotshot: How do you choose a new flavored coffee?

Blog: Pop Quiz Hotshot: How do you choose a new flavored coffee?

07 DECEMBER 2016

If you were born prior to 1970, you may remember a time when flavored coffee wasn't really a "thing"…now however, that's simply not the case. During the '70's, it became popular for Coffee Roasters to flavor the whole beans during the roasting process. Before this advent, spices and flavorings were simply added during the brewing to achieve different taste combinations.

Flavored coffees are a mainstay here at Berres Brothers, with our Highlander Grogg being our Signature Flavor. In fact, we put it on the map! While many of our competitors have tried (with varying degrees of failure) to replicate our Highlander Grogg, but none can match it. Along with this customer favorite, we also have around 100 other varieties that are available throughout the year. To top that off, we release, on average, 7 new flavors each year based on suggestions and requests from our customers.

Overwhelmed yet? We know, the subject of choosing a flavor to try can be scary…so, we're going to give you some tips to ease the process.

  1. Think about flavors that you like in other things like ice cream or cookies. Chances are that if you like a minty-chocolate ice cream, you'll like our Mistletoe Mocha coffee.
  2. Consider when you'll be drinking your coffee? First thing in the morning for a wake up call? In the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up? Maybe in the evening for its relaxing warmth… For waking up, perhaps try something sweet like our new Gingerbread Pancake.
  3. What will you be enjoying along with your flavored coffee? A sweet pastry? Savory sandwich or hearty soup? Maybe a rustic pizza… You might enjoy a Black Velvet or Cherry Kringle flavor, or Chocolate and Peanut Butter (um delish!!)
  4. If none of those tips give you a new favorite, you could always try flavors similar to your go-to spirits: White Russian, Butternut Rum, Amaretto, Irish Cream, or Grand Marnier to list a few.

The bottom line is there is a flavor to suit every palate, so stop on in and try a couple out! We've got 1.5 oz. One Pot sizes of many of the flavors for your convenience!


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