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Blog: Benefit of a Back-to-School ritual...

Blog: Benefit of a Back-to-School ritual...

29 AUGUST 2016

It's getting to be that time of year again…no, I'm not talking about the end of summer. I'm referring to Back-to-School season! If you're a parent (or even if you're not), you've probably noticed that nearly every store has BTS sales going on right now. We've all likely been inundated with school supplies, and lists upon lists…but that's not really why we're writing today.

The real reason is the feeling that many people get during Back-to-School season…it's that little feeling of releasing a breath held too long, of a small amount of quiet time that might be regained once the kids are dropped off. These are the things we're going to focus on because, quite frankly, while we all love summer and certainly all love our kids, sometimes parents just need a short "me" break. What better way to enjoy a "me" break, than to do it on BB Time?! That's right, BB Time! Simply put, BB Time is: A feeling, an experience, a state of mind. A place where you're in control of the moment, protected from the stress, the noise, and the hassles of the day… BB Time is YOUR time, and it's a little different for everyone, but when you're in it, you know it. Sit down and do absolutely nothing, except enjoy your favorite coffee, and whatever else helps you DECOMPRESS!

It's amazing how much having a little daily ritual like this can help to reduce your cortisol (the hormone that stress produces) levels. You may not even know that you're feeling stress, as it can come be emotional, mental, or even physical stress. Cortisol has it's uses…it gives your body the extra energy that it might need to get through a rough situation. BUT that's only beneficial if the stress is short-term. Dr. David Williams (of the Council for Responsible Nutrition) says that "…prolonged high cortisol levels are extremely disruptive to the body and may result in numerous health problems including: diabetes, high blood pressure and blood sugar, depression, anxiety, and weight gain." Seriously, see for yourself! Try to make a conscious effort to take your pulse on a stressful morning, and then take it again after you've been able to partake of your new morning "me" ritual using BB Time. We're betting there will be a marked difference!

Don't give up on yourself and your sanity, especially during this (normally) stressful time of year; instead, make yourself a priority too. Find your moment, your sanity. Savor your favorite coffee, and find YOUR BB Time!


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