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Blog: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes…Welkom, Vitejet, Velkommen, Failte, Benvenuto, Bem-vindo, Bel Bonjou…

Blog: A Hundred Thousand Welcomes…

Welkom, Vitejet, Velkommen, Failte, Benvenuto, Bem-vindo, Bel Bonjou…

27 JULY 2016

We'd like to cordially invite you to Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters new blog: Spill the Beans! You are the very first to lay eyes on our new media outlet, and we're very excited to share it with you. Spill the Beans is going to open a new pathway into our business and the industry as a whole. It's here for you, to notify you of upcoming events, Café news, community happenings, and the latest information and trends occurring around the world.

In our blog you're going to see interesting articles, informative how-to write-ups, calls to action, contests, and maybe even the odd giveaway or two. We'd love you to interact with us too, so please don't be shy about leaving your comments or questions on our Facebook page. We know that coffee lovers don't just slosh their coffee into a cup, and run out the door as they get a later than ideal start to our day (though that does happen to us all, doesn't it?). Those who are passionate about their favorite beverage prefer to savor their sips, learn about different flavors and roasts, see how to prepare their java in new and exciting ways, and learn about the behind-the-scenes of their favorite Café.

Now is the perfect time to reconnect with your favorite coffee roaster. Check out our website for online specials and our newest flavor concoctions. You may have seen in our newsletter that we asked for your input on future flavors. WELL, your response was AMAZING!!! So amazing, in fact, that we actually have to stagger our new flavor releases over the next year! So, if you don't see your suggestion right away, don't despair! Thank you for your incredible feedback, you guys are the best customers that a company could ask for.

On a final note, if there is anything that you would like to see here within the pages of Spill the Beans, please don't hesitate to ask! We'd love to know if there are any coffee-related topics that are of particular interest. Perhaps you'd like to see a piece on how to feature coffee at your wedding, or different ways to prepare your java at home, or maybe even the best ways to travel with your beloved beans…let us know on our Facebook page!


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