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Environmental Policy Statement

Together WE can build a sustainable future!

Environmental Policy Statement

Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters is committed to leading the coffee roasting industry in Wisconsin and the Midwest in environmental responsibility.

We will achieve this through the following:

  • Evaluating our resource and Energy Consumption to identify opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Meeting or exceeding State and Federal legislation regarding Environmental Impact.
  • Promoting Recycling and reuse both internally and externally with our customers and suppliers.
  • Developing programs to Reduce our Green House Gas emissions.
  • Promoting Products that Minimize Waste from our business operations to distribution, according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling.
  • As opportunities arise, implementing new techniques, systems and purchasing equipment that will Continuously Improve our Environmental Performance.

At Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters we have created the green tier team. The members of this team are ultimately responsible for the effectiveness of the environmental protection controls in place. This team will work to ensure that this policy is implemented throughout Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters.

Peter Berres
Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters

Bike Rack

Bike Rack


Our mission is to promote bicycling as a safe, fun and environmentally friendly alternative means of transportation.

  • Bike to school, Bike to Work, Bike for Fun!!
  • Bicycling promotes healthier lifestyles, reduces vehicular traffic congestion, decreases polluting emissions, and reduces energy consumption.
  • Bicycling directly affects the overall quality of life in the Watertown community.
Conserve Energy

Conserve Energy


  • Lighting has “occupancy sensors” which turns lights on and off (such as in conference room, rest rooms and hallways).
  • Passive cooling by closing blinds in Café
  • Evaluating switching lighting fixtures in the Bean Hall to an energy efficient fixture
  • Pilot lights extinguish at the end of each work day



  • Carrier of Coffee – you couldn’t have coffee without one.
  • Cups [kuhp] noun, verb, cupped, cup·ping
    a small, open container made of china, glass, metal, paper, Styrofoam etc., used chiefly as a receptacle from which to drink coffee.

  • We encourage using cups that can be reused and not thrown away.
  • Employees are encouraged to use reusable cups – Saving space in the landfill.



August 1, 2011 Coffee packages made with silver and gold film were shortened by ½ inch.
65,000 packages per month
X .50” film savings per package
= 32,500” of film saved per month
5000 packages per month saved from the landfill.

Rain Garden

Rain Garden


A rain garden is a shallow dish-like depression in the ground that is planted with water tolerant vegetation. The primary purpose of a rain garden is to soak up stormwater and infiltrate it into the ground; however, rain gardens also provide many other benefits as well.

  • Beautifies the landscape
  • Soaks up Puddles
  • Provides an Outlet for Roof and Sump Pump Water
  • Improvements to Water Quality
  • Reduces Pressure on Existing Storm Sewer Infrastructure
  • Provides Habitat
  • Employees got together to plant the flowers in the rain garden



All trash is re-purposed and recycled

  • Partnering with Kard Recycling who is a leader in aggressively assisting us with all of our recycling needs.
  • Film and plastics recycled into fuel pellets
  • Cardboard is recycled into reusable items

All coffee grounds and food scraps are picked up weekly and used for compost and chicken feed by employees.

Repurpose: Plastic, Film, Bean Chaff

Repurpose - Plastic Jugs, Film and Coffee Chaff...


Repurpose [re-pûr’pəs] to use something again, often for a different purpose and usually as an alternative to throwing it out.

Plastic Repurpose Uses:

  • floating docks

Film Repurpose Uses:

  • clothing - vests
  • decorating - special occasions

Bean Chaff Repurpose Uses:

  • supplement to compost and mulch
  • (Chaff adds extremely helpful nutrients, the main component is nitrogen.)
Repurpose: Burlap

Repurpose - Burlaps


Repurpose [re-pûr’pəs] to use something again, often for a different purpose and usually as an alternative to throwing it out.

Burlap Repurpose Uses:

  • outdoor games - sack races
  • ground cover control - reduces erosion and weed growth when applied in layers or fill with sand to areas prone to flooding.
  • frost prevention - cover plants or wrap trees
  • drainage screen - apply over container drainage holes in the bottom of flower pot

Berres Brothers Coffee Roasters is responsible to the Earth’s environment, protective of its natural resources and protective of its employee’s health and safety.


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