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European Process (EP)

European Process decaf is a solvent-based process in which the caffeine is extracted from the green beans at high pressure near the solvent's boiling point. At the conclusion of the process, the caffeine has been safely removed without affecting the beans or their flavor capacity. Most of Berres Brothers flavored 12oz. coffees use the European Process. Some of our 12oz. World Roast coffees also use the EP process and are marked as such in the drop-down menu of those coffees. See the list below for our EP processed decaf coffees:

Breakfast Blend EP
Colombian EP
Espresso EP
French Roast EP
Norske Blend EP
Scandinavian Blend EP
Sumatra EP

Natural Decaffeination Process (NDP)

The process of NDP is properly begun with the emptying of the green bean from the bags that will be processed for purifying and transport.

This system consists of one form of hopper and various conveyances of jars (containers) and augers as well as other equipment which permits cleaning or classification by size. During this procedure, dust and bark are e eliminated. An automatic standing scale registers the weight of the coffee after the purification.

After weighing, the coffee is put through a pneumatic system for the process of decaffeination. Decaffeination: The quality produced by this natural process is accomplished by incorporating three major components.

1. Water
2. Steam
3. Ethyl Acetate (for the extraction of the caffeine which is a natural component of the coffee)

When the coffee is received it is first submitted to a condition of water and steam. This elevates the moisture contained and swells the bean in order to facilitate the extraction of caffeine. When the swelling has reached the proper consistency, the washing of the beans is commenced by the use of an extractor.

It is at this point that the bean experiences an ethyl acetate wash. The ethyl acetate employed in this process is of natural origin, obtained from the fermentation of sugar cane and not from chemical synthesis. The beans are subjected to the ethyl acetate while in the extractor. Note : the duration of this extraction process is growth specific.

The beans are then cleaned with water followed by steam across the beans to clean the inner most portions of the bean. The last process in the area of decaffeination consists of drying the bean until it reaches. the moisture similar to that which it had prior to the process (11 to 12%).

Refrigeration, Polishing & Bagging:

The decaffeinated coffee is finally submitted to a process of refrigeration in order to preserve the original characteristics of the bean. During the refrigeration process the beans are, also polished so as to achieve the best appearance. The last necessity is the packaging, which can be in 69 or 100 kg sacks.

Colombian NDP


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