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Water-Based Decafs

Water-Based Decafs
Healthy Perks™ Water-Based Decaf coffees boast an enviable combination: Berres Brothers' exquisite taste and all the benefits of being 99.9 % caffeine free.

For those who love great flavor and need their coffee to be decaffeinated, Water-Based Decaf is prepared with a completely natural decaffeination process. The Natural Mountain Water process doesn't use solvents or chemicals to remove caffeine – instead it lets the beans rest in a "bath" of filtered natural mountain water and uses natural filters to remove the caffeine.

It could be a heart condition. Monitoring your estrogen levels. Acid reflux, glaucoma, migraines. Many people today are diagnosed with a medical concern that calls for a caffeine-free diet. Others just don't see caffeine as a part of a healthy diet.

The trouble is, many of the decafs out there haven't completely removed the caffeine from their coffee.

You'll see labels that boast 97% caffeine-free, some even less. Not HealthyPerks™ coffees. They're caffeine-free, decaffeinated by a mountain water process that is more effective and uses fewer chemicals.

For more information on Mountain Water Decaffeination, Click here to watch a video about the process.

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