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Specialty Flavored - Reduced Caffeine - Gluten Free

Specialty Flavored - Reduced Caffeine - Gluten Free
You don't have to sacrifice flavor to stay healthy. Healthy Perks™ Specialty Flavored - Reduced Caffeine - Gluten Free coffees offer three of Berres Brothers' most aromatic and rich flavor blends – crafted using sulphite and gluten-free flavoring, a Natural Mountain Water decaffeinated coffee bean process, and then blended with caffeinated coffee beans. Natural Mountain Water has no solvents, only natural filters and mountain water from the mountain glaciers in Central Mexico.

Sulphites and gluten are among the most prevalent food allergens today. If you're among the many diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, but have been enjoying coffee for years, there's no need to let go of the warm, flavorful way you start your day. Or, maybe you love the taste of coffee but don't need as much caffeine in your second cup. Say no more. Healthy Perks™ has the coffee just for you.

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